Created by design duo Oleg Morozov and Anna Proicheva, À Nous Deux explores the idea of wanderlust through nomadic objects, driven by love and the essence of nature


À Nous Deux´s collections are released in small series in the Netherlands in collaborations with renown artisans that using the timeless techniques with seamless artistry in execution


Oleg Morozov has been a leading architect for over 20 years. His interest in art and ship drawing plans led him to architecture and objects design which invite contemplation and express freedom. A long-standing association with world-leading furniture makers adds an unparalleled synergy to the design process.

Studied Fine Arts and Naval Architecture, Master of Architecture (1997)



Anna Proicheva trained architecture and worked in interior design, until in 2016 becoming an artist. Her sculptural works is reflected and reciprocally amplified by the depth of her environmental, literary and artistic interests