Created by design duo Oleg Morozov and Anna Proicheva, À Nous Deux explores the idea of wanderlust through Travelling and Ocean permanent collections, driven by the same theme of love and nature


À Nous Deux´s collections are released in small series in the Netherlands, collaboration with the world’s greatest artisans, using the exceptional materials combined with seamless artistry in execution, making it the ideal for homes and superyacht owners on both land and high-sea



Oleg Morozov. Neutrino.1974. Architect, Designer.

Oleg' interest in art and ship drawing plans led him to architecture and design. The distinctive background allow Oleg to pre-thought-out process that precedes designing, and to imagine his creations just as an architect translate his vision to blueprint. His style is imbued with restraint and ease, innovative in its forms as well as a mastery of bold proportion.

Studied Fine Arts and Naval Architecture, Master degree in Architecture (1997)


Anna Proicheva (b.1979) Interior Architect, Designer.

Inspired by nature’s essential shapes and the power of love, Anna's talent as a designer, recognized by sensual, organic sculptural objects in wood and bronze