Christian Heckscher bacame famous artist in the early ‘70s with his timeless and completely unique metal artworks techniques. Educated as a fine artist and craftsman in Belgium, he relocated his atelier in Brussels to the States, became internationally acclaimed as a truly unique artisan who combines a progressive design sensibility with the old world craftsmanship


Exclusively collaboration between Christian Heckscher et À Nous Deux it is an invitation to contemplative journey across the symbolic universe of unique artworks









Urushi is the centuries-old Japanese lacquerwork technique that is an art form in their own right. The hand-finished urushi is a lengthy, the high-end craft-making process, requires considerable skill to create incredibly hard, durable and high-gloss surface. This luster is so enduring, objects excavated from Japan's prehistoric past still retain it 


À Nous Deux has teamed up with much-admired urushi master Sergej Kirilov for À Nous Deux´s Urushi Collection. Each piece encapsulate the sculptural form and demonstrated a strong Japanese influence







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